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How Hypnotherapy Works

Hypnosis is like a day dream and everyone day dreams at some stage of their day. How many times have you day dreamed looking out a window. where you are thinking of something else and not actually seeing what it is that you are looking at through that window.  In a nutshell a day dream is a mental state where you are thinking of something and at the same times not aware of your real life physical surroundings.

The exact moment you become aware of your surroundings you have stopped daydreaming and your are fully conscious and in the real moment again. A daydream is a form of Hypnosis, essentially Hypnosis is a dream like state. Whilst you dream your eyelids and eyes enter into what is called “rapid eye movement”. It is a flickering back and forth of the eyeballs underneath your eyelids. You can notice it in someone who is in a deep sleep as they enter a dream cycle.

Hypnosis has been known about for a long long time. In ancient Egypt there was a phenomenon called the “sleep temples” where people would go to find solutions to their problems using Hypnosis its important to remember is not  sleep. It looks like sleep because the person is usually very relaxed and usually has their eyes closed but the mind is very much alert and aware to what it going on around them and what is being said to the. In fact this state in of great value because it is where the mind is at its most suggestible and willing to make necessary changes for the benefit of you.