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When you vividly imagine everything going wrong, your body and brain start to behave as though these things were actually happening.

Your heart beats faster, knots in the stomach and possibly a feeling of not being able to breathe. But of course, the future threat you are imagining is just a mental fantasy and you are just at home in your sitting room scaring the daylights out of yourself.

Things do go wrong from time to time, a flight could be delayed, you might not get that job you want, but this is all part and parcel of living. However, when you focus too much on things going wrong, you end up distorting reality and cloud your ability to think clearly.

It is rare for things to go terribly wrong all the time and it’s just as rare for things to go absolutely perfectly all of the time. Life usually happens somewhere in the middle. When you realise that you have been at the mercy of your thoughts, things become easier when you learn to take command of yourself and to calm and quieten your mind.

Hypnosis is an amazing tool for calming down that anxious part of you. It quickly gets your mind to think clearly and rationally about things instead of panicking when things don’t go to plan.

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