Elisabeth Clarke M.I.C.H.P.

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Conditions Treated

Weight Loss

There are no shortage of diets to choose from, in fact they are a big repeat business. So many people go from one fad diet to the next in the hope of finally finding one that keeps the weight off for good. Hypnosis deals with the emotional/comfort aspect of eating.

Smoking Cessation

Everybody knows the dangers of smoking, there is plenty of public information available at the touch of a button. So why do so many smokers continue to indulge in something that is potentially lethal to their health?. The simple reason in my opinion is that they have developed a psychological dependence in the same way a baby has a dependence on a soother of a blankie.

Anxiety Management

Your anxiety needs a fuel source to keep your anxious state ramped up… Without that fuel source your anxiety would die a very fast death. That fuel source is called your imagination.