The 6 golden rules to lose weight

i have compiled a short bullet point list below of a couple of elements that are vital to adhere to when you have a goal of becoming the weight you want to be. These points below are very much how a naturally slim person who has no need to diet thinks and acts with regard […]

From Insomnia to sleeping like a baby

Insomnia can be caused by an overload of worry and you may have a difficulty winding down after a hectic day. Insomnia is not being able to relax enough to get to sleep.To go to sleep you need to be able to relax and with the help of Hypnosis it really is a simple thing […]

The plague of Panic Attacks

To experience a panic attack is to feel a host of overwhelming feelings and thoughts. There is the tightness in the chest, heart racing, butterflies in the stomach. There are other symptoms and they can vary from one person to another and the first few times a person has a panic attack it can feel […]

How easy it it to talk to family about your Anxiety?

We always try to show the best and most attractive sides of ourselves, even when we are far from feeling the best in ourselves. We hate to be seen as weak or needy and we most certainly don’t want anyone to notice when we are feeling vulnerable. I am a Cat and Dog owner and […]

Drink less wine using Hypnosis

Alcohol is part of our culture and history here in Ireland. It is associated with celebrating happy occasions and its associated with offering sympathy at wakes and funerals. There is a reason for this and its the fact that alcohol makes us feel comfortable and lowers our inhibitions. We like the extra buzz it gives […]

Attention Serial Dieters!

IF YOU’VE TRIED EVERY FAD DIET UNDER THE SUN AND STILL CAN’T SHIFT THE WEIGHT! You’ve probable tried using willpower to stop yourself from overeating. It might have worked for a while but you found it a struggle to to make lasting changes to your eating habits.Perhaps you promised yourself to follow a particular diet, […]