Are you in a relationship with a Narcissist?

We all know people who think they are the centre of the universe. People who always need to be right, or seem to carry a belief that they are more attractive, more intelligent and more entitled to be heard and respected than anyone else. In it’s extreme forms, narcissism can make people extremely difficult to […]

Jim, his Anxiety and the unpaid overdraft

Let me tell you a story about Jim, his anxiety and the unpaid overdraft.Jim is a successful businessman. He has his own small construction company and he almost lost it all in the last financial crash. Before the crash Jim was an extremely confident and motivated businessman. As a result of the crash Jim’s customers […]


First of all I want to tell you that I am not going to try to steal cigarettes away from you. Either you want to stop or you don’t want to stop. There is no point in doing for others either, say if your partner wants you to stop and you want to please him […]

I can tell when something is off with me

I can tell when something is off with me, I can tell when I am sliding down into the abyss of viewing everything around me in a negative way. I can tell because I start to see things differently I start to see problems and issues more than I see solutions. A funny thing happens […]