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Jim, his Anxiety and the unpaid overdraft


Let me tell you a story about Jim, his anxiety and the unpaid overdraft.
Jim is a successful businessman. He has his own small construction company and he almost lost it all in the last financial crash.

Before the crash Jim was an extremely confident and motivated businessman. As a result of the crash Jim’s customers found themselves unable to pay their invoices and because Jim relied on the money coming in from customers he found himself being unable to settle his own accounts.

Jim quickly realised he was literally fighting for his own survival and that of his young family.He was forced to juggle so many balls in the air that it quickly became exhausting mentally and physically for him.

Jim was determined though to keep everything afloat or die trying. Whatever it took, Jim was on board with that. He took on any and every job he could find, worked the guts of a fifteen hour day and reduced his sleeping and rest time to just four hours a night. He needed the night hours to catch up on admin and paperwork because he had no time to do it during the day.

Now in all fairness to Jim he did what most would say is impossible, he kept the business afloat and managed to support his family. When all had settled down somewhat, Jim had expected to feel a bit more relaxed in his everyday life, after all the worst was over now… wasn’t it?

No, it was not over. For Jim the mental torture and agony was just kicking in. You see Jim had managed to put his own needs on the back burner during the chaos of the financial crash. He did this to keep everything afloat and to avoid losing his house, family and business.

He had gotten so used to depriving himself of sleep, resorting to eating rubbish on the go and not letting himself chill out for one nanosecond even. His mind and body were assembling the troops and starting to rebel. After all they had supported him when they had been needed but now they wanted a breather and for Jim to repay the debt he owed them.

You see Jim had borrowed a massive amount of energy and resilience, the kind of energy that sustains you in an emergency. Have you heard the stories of Mothers being able to lift cars clean off the road to save their child’s lives in motor accidents?, well that’s the kind of energy we’re talking about here. This kind of energy is not supposed to be in constant use but that’s what Jim kept doing.

That kind of borrowed energy has to be paid back in order for the books to balance. You might think of it as a bank loan or overdraft, one to tide you over until things get better. Jim, being a businessman understood all about banks, overdrafts and money( energy) asked me with a curiosity on his face ” how do i go about paying this overdraft then?.

The explanation i gave to Jim was very simple. It involves investing in you again, just like you do with your business. It involves taking the time out in your day no matter how busy you are to just relax and let everything be. Jim told me he didn’t know how to relax, wasn’t the sort of fella to sit around doing nothing.

i reminded Jim of why he had come to me and i told him he knew well how to become calm and at peace, he just wasn’t allowing himself to do it.

i told Jim i was going to Hypnotise him to relax and he laughed saying ” go on then, give it a try”. We spent the next thirty minutes bringing Jim into a very deep relaxation using Hypnosis. i could see his body letting go bit by bit until he took a deep deep sigh as if letting something go.

When Jim opened his eyes afterwards, he said nothing for ten whole minutes. His mind was continuing to process everything and it didn’t want to leave that calm space it had discovered for itself.

Jim was staggered at how easy it had been for him to let go when he was guided hypnotically into it. There was a difference straight away in the Anxiety ridden man that had walked into my clinic just an hour previous. This was the beginning of Jim realising that he had a lot to be grateful for and one of those things was to be able to just sit and chill awhile.

Jim came in for just three more sessions and is regularly taking time out everyday to listen to the audios i have given him. These audios are just like having a mini Hypnosis session in the comfort of your own home and Jim swears by them.

If you feel that its time to come in for a chat like Jim did then leave me a message below, just like Jim did, ok…

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Elisabeth Clarke

Elisabeth Clarke

I am a Hypnotherapist based in Mullingar and I specialise in weight loss, smoking cessation and relief of anxiety

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